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Abanico de bellota 100% ibérico

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Format: Packaged in bags of 3 in 3 units with a weight per bag of about 500-700grams.

Weight: 600grs (Range 550-700grs).

Packaging: Protective cardboard box with 30 envelopes can fit up to 5kilos.

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It is obtained during the cutting of the Iberian loin, corresponds to the cranial cut of said piece, since both pieces are glued but the pen is in the area closest to the palette. It is a piece particularly rich in intramuscular fat, so when cooking, it is very tasty, tender and aromatic, its high content in infiltrated fats gives it a lot of juiciness.

Our meats are of quality. And that, we don't say.

Our plant in Herreruela, as well as all our products and the processes we follow to prepare them, have certificates that guarantee the quality of the Iberian pig.

Both our meats and our Iberians are backed by the ISO 9001 and 1400 certificate, currently by the Iberian NCC and the IFS, two of the most demanding quality and food safety certifications.

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