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Family Celebration Box

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The best gift to share and sit around a table with friends or family this Christmas.


• 1 Envelope of 100% Iberian Acorn Ham (80gr)

• 1 Envelope of 100% Iberian Acorn Palette (80gr)

• 1 Canister with 1/4 of 100% Iberian Acorn Loin (250-350gr)

• 1 Canister with 1/4 of Iberian Acorn-fed Chorizo (250-350gr)

• 1 Canister with 1/4 of Acorn-fed Iberian Acorn Sausage (250-350gr)

• 1 Bottle of wine from our Dehesa de Luna Origins wine brand

The Family Box Celebration lot is finally completed with an elegant white box, with the EXTREM logo, the pieces will always go inside with sulfurized paper to avoid grease stains so that you can presume like no one of your passion for the best Iberian.

  • Delivery within 48-72hours. (Business days) Delivery within 48-72hours. (Business days)

• "A story of many stories." That is Origen. Because this is the wine that gave rise to our winery. Our story began with him and, thanks to him, we have conceived more wines, more stories. Each with its origin and personality. For all this, this wine is our standard. And in it, Tempranillo, Syrah and Cabernet shake hands every year. To maintain style and quality; and set an example to the rest of his sister wines. It is exemplary for how it feels: intense nose, where red fruits and light wooden memories are perfectly integrated. Also in the mouth, where it is a round and very pleasant wine. It is all that can be ordered from a wine.

• The back legs of the 100% Iberian acorn pork EXTREM PURO EXTREMADURA are of an intense red color with a minimum streaking of pearly fat. Its flavor has an intensity difficult to catalog, with a herbaceous and fruity bouquet; something outstanding in a world like ham, increasingly globalized and homogeneous.

• Our palettes keep the essence, aromas and texture of your older brother ham. Its juicy and bright appearance, but with greater taste qualities for many of its fans, is a cause of fervor among the most knowledgeable thanks to the vessel that emerges associated with the contact of the least amount of lean with the bone. Cut by hand, it becomes a gastronomic legend.


• Such a loin can never be the result of chance. Made with pigs of 100% Iberian breed and after a natural and artisanal healing process, together with the dressing with the best oregano and Pimentón de la Vera, it makes the result an unmistakable Iberian loin, with that reddish brown color and intense aroma, That turns every bite into a unique moment.

• Acorn-fed Iberian chorizo stands out for many reasons. That orange-red-brown color, with fat infiltrations, that persistent aroma, its unctuous and succulent appearance and that unique taste difficult to catalog, which makes each bite melt in the mouth, makes it the perfect Iberian piece.

• An Iberian acorn-fed sausage of extreme quality with that dark red heat, which reveals an overwhelming intensity of flavors and aromas when coming into contact with the palate, thanks to that juiciness and unmatched flavor with small shades of pepper.


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