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Jamón de Bellota 100% Ibérico D.O. Dehesa de Extremadura (Rango 9 - 9,5kg)

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Each EXTREM PURE EXTREMADURA Ham is unique. The most noble and coveted of the EXTREM PURO EXTREMADURA Iberian products If Iberian ham is considered one of the four gastronomic jewels on the planet, it’s because of items like the one you are about to enjoy.

  • Delivery within 48-72hours. (Business days) Delivery within 48-72hours. (Business days)

The back legs of the EXTREM PURO EXTREMADURA acorn-fed 100% Iberian pig are an intense red colour with minimum marbling of pearly fat. Its taste has an intensity which is difficult to categorise, with a herbal and fruity bouquet; something outstanding in a world like that of ham which is increasingly globalised and homogeneous.

The presentation of this product is also cared for to the extreme: in the symbolic WhiteBox Premium from EXTREM PURO EXTREMADURA you will find embroidered white mesh to protect the ham.


Our hams are the hind limbs of our pigs and are characterized and distinguished by a series of parameters that directly influence all our senses.

• The view: intense and bright red, pearly and unctuous fat. Slight streaks of fat infiltrated in the lean.

• The touch: silky, soft and light in contact with grease.

• The smell: sweet and penetrating, it treasures the virgin nuances of the oleic.

• Taste: explosion of flavors, velvet in the mouth, infinite aftertaste.


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