Paleta de Bellota 100% Ibérica D.O Dehesa de Extremadura entera

Each Iberian acorn shoulder has been prepared taking care of every detail from beginning to end: from the selection of the 100% Iberian breed to the minimum cure of 24 months in our dryer, through its diet based on acorns and natural grasses in the Dehesa de Extremadura, cradle of the best Iberian.

* Whole hand cut product:

• Number of envelopes: 20-25 envelopes of 80gr

• Chip: 2 Bags (250gr)

• Bones: 3 Bags

Special price

  • Delivery within 48-72hours. (Business days) Delivery within 48-72hours. (Business days)

Without lactose

Without gluten

Our job is to respect all of them. That’s why EXTREM PURO EXTREMADURA Acorn-Fed Shoulder Ham is a unique item modelled by nature in its purest form.

The presentation of the EXTREM PURO EXTREMADURA Acorn-Fed Shoulder Ham is on a par with its content: in the EXTREM PURO EXTREMADURA WhiteBox you will find embroidered white mesh to protect and conserve the shoulder ham.


These are the front limbs and are smaller pieces.

Our palettes keep the essence, aromas and texture of your older brother ham. Its juicy and bright appearance, but with greater taste qualities for many of its fans, is a cause of fervor among the most knowledgeable thanks to the vessel that emerges associated with the contact of the least amount of lean with the bone. Cut by hand, it becomes a gastronomic legend.


24 Months


100% Iberian pig


La Encomienda


Range 5.5-6.5Kg

Date of birth


Average values per 100g
Energy 351kCal/1470kJ
Protein 24,5g
Carbohydrates 0,19g
Sugars 0,11g
Fat 28g
Saturated fats 10,3g
Salt 2,9g


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