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Buying 1 Whole Salchichón, we give you 1/4 of Organic Salchichón

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Enjoy one of our works of art of Spanish gastronomy with 1 whole Piece of Iberian Acorn-fed Salchichón with 1 beautiful canister, elegant with 1/4 of organic sausage, perfect to serve all kinds of exquisite palates.


1 Salchichón whole piece.
 1/4 of organic sausage.

Weight range:

 Salchichón whole piece (1kg)
 1/4 of organic sausage (250-350gr)

  • Delivery within 48-72hours. (Business days) Delivery within 48-72hours. (Business days)

An Iberian acorn-fed sausage of an extreme quality with that dark red heat, which reveals an overwhelming intensity of flavors and aromas when coming into contact with the palate, thanks to that juiciness and taste unmatched with small shades of pepper.

Organic salchichón, made with pigs of Iberian breed and raised in the meadows of the heart of Extremadura, where they grow in freedom surrounded by nature. 

Made by hand, with care and care, we have managed to make a unique and ecological piece.


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