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100% Iberian breed. Delicious from 0 to 100

Extrem Puro Extremadura Pork Loin

½ a piece of acorn-fed pork loin, 100% Iberian


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The King of the EXTREM PURO EXTREMADURA Iberian cold meat products 

When you talk about EXTREM PURO EXTREMADURA 100% Iberian acorn-fed pork loin, you’re talking about excellency, delicacy and tradition. One of the most exquisite parts of the Iberian pig, with that firm texture and persistent incomparable taste. 

A Pork Loin like that is never a product of coincidence. Elaborated from 100% Iberian pigs and after a natural and traditional curing process, together with seasoning of the best oregano and Spanish smoked paprika (Pimentón de la Vera) results in an unmistakeable Iberian Pork Loin, with that browny-red colour and intense aroma, which turns each mouthful into a unique moment.


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