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From such an Oak Forest, you expect such Iberian products

A paradise in the heart of the Iberian peninsula

Extremadura is much more than the cradle of the best Iberian ham, it is also the origin of the Oak Forests. And we are fortunate enough to have them so that our pigs can enjoy them fully.

The pig finds acorns and pastures, in company of the local fauna

Without any doubt, the Extremadura Oak Forest is the natural habitat of the Iberian pig. An ecological paradise where our pigs can enjoy more than 18,000 hectares, roaming freely accompanied by the native fauna of the area: stags, wild boar, dormice, cows, sheep, goats and a multitude of birds. All of these form part of an ecosystem with a unique natural balance in the world.

The influence of these unbeatable surroundings and their particularities are crucial in order to understand a product of extreme quality like ours.